For the payments on THE SWEX we use the services of Online Payment Platform (OPP). Since 2019 the so-called PSD2 legislation came into force. This is an European guideline for payments of consumers and companies. 


The first time you withdraw or deposit money you will be asked to verify your identity and bank account. You will then be forwarded to the OPP platform, where you can choose between a verification via iDIN or by uploading a valid proof of identity (driver's license, passport or identity card).


The iDIN method is the easiest and quickest way to verify your account, especially if you use internet banking. More information about how iDIN works can be found here.

Uploading proof of identity

In case you don't want to or can't use the iDIN method, you can upload a valid proof of identity (driver's license, passport or identity card). You can hide your photo and citizennumber, because these are not required in the verification process. 

Verifying your bank account 

After your identity is verified, OPP checks the given bank account. The verification will done via iDEAL by transfering € 0,01.

In case there are problems with the verification of your bank account, OPP will inform you by email. Problems that may occur are:

  • The name of the bank account does not correspond with the name on the proof of identity.
  • The data on the proof of identity can't be processed or are incorrect.
  • The proof of identity is expired. 


If you want to trade with a business account, you will soon be able to use the above mentioned service. Till then we kindly request to do a bank transfer to the following account:


NL84 ABNA 0415 5074 72



City : Sassenheim

Mention your account number when transfering money.

We will credit your account as soon as possible after received the funds.