Do you have bottles at home that you would like to sell via THE SWEX? It is possible to sell your whisky collection (only Scotch single malt) via our platform. Below you find the procedure how to add bottles. 


  1. Create a list of bottles that you want to sell. - below you will find a template. You need to sell a minimum of 10 bottles.
  2. Send the list for review (to - our whisky specialists will review the bottles to see if they are suitable for THE SWEX. We take into account, among other things, rarity and scarcity.
  3. When the bottles are suitable, you need to make an appointment (by phone or email) to ship or deliver the bottles to our storage facility in Sassenheim, The Netherlands.
  4. After the bottles arrive in our storage, we will photograph and authenticate them. 
  5. Then the bottles will be placed in your (new or existing) whisky portfolio. 
  6. You can now trade the bottles.


Below you can find the costs for listing bottles on THE SWEX.


Number of bottles

Costs per bottle

0 - 20

€ 25,-

21 - 50

€ 20,-

51 - 100

€ 15,-


€ 10,-

 * For each double bottle, you pay € 2,50