Tradeble bottles

All bottles on THE SWEX are tradable and (with the exception of secured bottles) claimable. These bottles are in the whisky vault and can be sent to an address within the EU (except Cyprus and Malta); if you want to send it outside the EU, there are restrictions.

Whisky in cask

In addition to trading in bottles, you can also trade in bottles that are not bottled yet. This means literally trading in whisky still maturing in a cask that has not yet been bottled. You take an option on the future value of the bottles from the cask on date of bottling. 


On THE SWEX, you have the option to ship bottles. However, some bottles are so special that we want to preserve them. Whisky gems like the Springbank 1919 and Black Bowmore make this platform unique, which benefits you as a trader/investor. That means some bottles are secured. The buyer agrees that they neither factually or legally can or will dispose the bottle(s) of whisky (including but not limited to: selling, transferring, encumbering, moving, and consuming), subject to the authority to trade the bottle(s) of whisky via THE SWEX.