At THE SWEX, there is the possibility of having bottles shipped. However, some bottles are so special that we recommend keeping them for the exchange. Whisky gems like a Springbank 1919 and Black Bowmore make the platform a unique place where you as an investor reap the benefits. That is why some bottles are guaranteed. In that case, the buyer agrees that he/she cannot and will not, in fact or in law, dispose of the bottle(s) of whisky (including but not limited to: selling, transferring, encumbering, moving and consuming), subject to the authority to trade the bottle(s) of whisky through THE SWEX.

Which bottles are involved?

Bottles that are: 

  • Are more than 30 years old, and/or
  • Were distilled before 1980.

Only bottles meeting the above conditions are guaranteed. You can trade normally with secured bottles, but they cannot be shipped indefinitely (unless individually agreed otherwise). 

I want to unsecure my bottle. Is that possible?

No, that is not possible.