You can compile a portfolio by purchasing whisky on THE SWEX. You can structure your portfolio with:

  • Whisky bottles
  • Whisky in casks

The steps to purchase whisky are as follows:

  1. Via Search bar or the different Indexes you can search for the whisky casks or bottles you want to buy.

  2. You can search for characteristics of the whisky or filter based on features that you find important.

  3. Once you have found the bottle, you can select it. To execute a Buy order, click on the Buy button.

  4. In the next step, you can agree with the asking price or you can make an offer yourself. 

    • If you agree with the asking price, click Buy Now. 

    • If you want to make an offer, click Place Buy Order. Please note that a sale order can be dynamic. Consider offering      a few euros more to ensure you buy the bottle.

  5. Then, select the desired quantity, maximum purchase price and expiration period.

  6. Click Submit and review the complete order list you wish to place.

  7. Click Place Bid to finalize your order.

Once an order is executed, the whisky that is then in your possession will be in your Portfolio.