You can compile a portfolio by purchasing:

  • Bottles
  • Whisky in cask

Steps to purchase a whisky are the following:

1. Via Search bar or the different Indexes you can search for the whisky you want to buy.

2. You can also search for characteristics that you find important.

3. Select the whisky you want to buy and then click on the giant  + to list the buying order.

4. The next step is to select a price and strategy. 

  • If you choose a price lower than the asking price, you place a bid. It is up to the seller to accept the bid.
  • If the price is equal or higher than the asking price, you buy the bottle. Please note that a sell order can be dynamic, so bid a few euro's higher than the asking price to make sure you buy the bottle.

5. Click on Place order

6. Confirm in the order list the buying orders. 

7. The outstanding order can now be monitered under Orders.

When the order has been completed, you can view your owned whisky in your Portfolio.