"Registering with OPP" has the following two pathways, both of which must be completed (separately). 

Verifying personal data

  1. As long as your personal data has not yet been verified, you will see the blue text on the screen: ""Check (status of) the registration of your payment details.""  When you click the button then you will be redirected to OPP.
  2. In the registration of payment details screen, choose the appropriate option for your portfolio (private or business). Please note that only accounts from EU countries can be registered with OPP.
  3. After filling in the data you will be redirected to OPP, here 2 more things are required. Your personal identification and your bank details. 
  4. After filling in the details OPP will start working on verifying your identity. This may take one business day. 

Verifying bank details

  1. After filling in the personal information you will be directed back to THE SWEX, to continue the registration process click the blue bar at the top of the screen again. 
  2. Now in the OPP screen select the box with the last missing information, these are the bank details.
  3. To complete the verification, transfer 1 cent to OPP. With this payment you have completed the verification."